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HumanKind is a nonprofit human services organization that has been serving children and families since 1903. Founded originally as an orphanage, today we serve individuals and families across the life span in the community and in the home. At its heart, we are about building people up; we believe strong individuals and families build stronger communities.

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Discovering Resilience | Jeremy's Story
Jeremy has moderate intellectual disabilities, intermittent explosive disorder and obsessive compulsive disorder – schedules and routines are everything to him. But because of you Jeremy was not alone.
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In Times of Crisis | Sabrina's Story
Sabrina thought the worst part of the coronavirus pandemic happened when the schools closed for the remainder of the school year. She was wrong, weeks later she would also lose her job.
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In Times of Fear | Dakota's Story
Thanks to you, Dakota had the support system to get the best start into motherhood. Your generosity has forever changed the life of Dakota and other mothers like her. You provided the tools she needed to overcome this obstacle.
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Finding Grace | Tyrone's Story
Because of you and your support, in the midst of a pandemic Tyrone had the resources he needed to bridge the gap. This grace is only possible because of YOU! Thank you for being a hero for our neighbors in need.
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In Times of Darkness | Rachael's Story
Facing the pandemic isolation alone, could have been disastrous for Rachael putting her right back where she started. But she had the support she needed. Now, in this global pandemic, you made sure Rachael has a lifeline. She can rely heavily on her TMC support group -- virtually.
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Building Resilience | Trevor's Story
It could have been a devastating road block, but you stepped in and made sure it was only a detour. Without you, Trevor and his grandmother would be walking through this crisis alone.
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Finding Her Voice
Change and transition do not come easy when you are an adult with autism. One of the goals that Jennifer chose for herself was to find her voice and have the confidence to make her own choices. She struggled to advocate for herself and even speak up in a group making it difficult for her peers to get to know her and support her hobbies.
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You Brought Her into the Light
And because of you and your generosity, Claire has found a forever home with biological family members in North Carolina, using words to communicate, fully potty-trained and thriving in a specialized school environment. This transformation is only possible because of YOU! Thank you for your love of children left behind like Claire.
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Chloe Smiles
Your generous support provided countless mornings of celebration when Chloe needed a cheerleader, patience when a day started hard, and offered lots of hugs when she was sad.
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Because of You
Because of you and your support, the doors at Ways to Work were open to Victoria when she had nowhere else to turn and wanted to make changes to better support her family.
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Loc Nguyen's Story
Loc Nguyen arrived to the U.S. in 1965 and didn't know any english. After spending the majority of his childhood at our Presbyterian Home, Loc comes to visit our campus every alumni weekend.
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Monica's Story
Through Family Partnership Meetings Monica's family has been able to get 'back on track'.
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Destin's Story
Destin used to feel like he couldn't be his true self in counseling sessions because of judgement. That changed when he came to HumanKind.
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Leanette's Story
After going through troubling times Leanette received a 'hand up' in life.
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Dawn's Story
Dawn has been able to find support for her educational goals and learned how to handle her emotions through the Mental Health Skill-Building program.
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Kittie's Story
Kittie has been working with Healthy Families for three years and has seen dramatic results.
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Calloway's basketball team
Jessie Calloway's basketball team rents out and practices in our gymnasium.
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Fatima's Story
Fatima was introduced to HK a few months ago and shortly after decided to volunteer.
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Julie's Story
"You know, you work every day of the week and it’s great to take some time and help other people."
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Darrell's Story
Darrell grew up in a challenging environment and was constantly surrounded by people making negative decisions. As he's gotten older he has used those past experiences to give back to the community.
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Mike's Story
I came in with no credit score at all… now, my credit score has gone up so high I can take on a mortgage.
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Craig's Story
It was because of this car loan that I was able to leave my job with an area hotel and begin my own business.
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Tamara's Story
I can say without a doubt that the Ways to Work program has changed my life for the better. It has provided me with the experience leading up to me owning my first vehicle.
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Keisha's Story
I would also like to take the time to thank Ways to Work and HumanKind and for giving me this wonderful opportunity in sustaining self-sufficiency.
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Kathy’s Story
Kathy Boyd, a single mother of three, came to the Ways to Work program seeking reliable transportation in order to secure a promotion at work.
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Keon’s Story
Having overcome homelessness with the help of partners and the Ways to Work program, Keon joined the Financial Opportunity Center to further work on building her financial security.
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Kia’sha’s Story
When twenty-two-year-old Kai’sha Taylor first came to the FOC in October of 2016, she was unemployed, pregnant, and did not know how she could plan for her future as her due date was rapidly approaching.
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Shekia’s Story
Shekia Stukes began working with HumanKind’s FOC and Ways to Work programs just a few months ago and she has already made great strides.
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Ashley's Story
"Thanks so much for taking care of Nic and for all that you guys have taught him. He absolutely adores you, Ms. Karen, and Ms. Katie. !! The family involvement is one of a kind, and I’m grateful to have met so many wonderful parents!"
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Building Resilience

With your support, Trevor is not giving up.

In the middle of a world-wide pandemic, Trevor suddenly found himself with no income. He knew he had to find a way to weather the storm. Too many people depend on him not to. It could have been a devastating road block, but you stepped in and made sure it was only a detour.

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