John’s Story

John attended the Night to Shine in Roanoke on Feb. 9th. Night to Shine is a prom held for individuals with disabilities. While there, he danced and socialized with his friends and peers. John rode in a limo, walked the red carpet, and was crowned king.

All of the night to shine events took place across the state on February the 9th. At each event they had hair, nails and make up done, then they took Limo rides into the prom, they walked the red carpet as they were cheered by spectators and Paparazzi took pictures. Each one entered where they enjoyed food, music, Karaoke and dancing all night long. Each individual is crowned queen or king.

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Who We Are

Sponsored Homes provide the around-the-clock care of a group home but in a smaller, more intimate home environment. Our sponsors serve up to two individuals compared to a group home of up to six individuals. Our sponsors receive extensive training to ensure that they have the tools necessary to provide care to the individuals seeking our services. Where do our sponsors come from? The very residents of Virginia who are willing to open up their hearts and homes reach out to us to start the application process. We assist with training and guide potential sponsors in order for their homes to be placed under HumanKind’s license to serve individuals throughout Virginia under the guidelines of the Virginia Department of Behavioral Health and Developmental Services (VDBHDS).


Current Vacancies 

Once a home is licensed and the sponsor is ready to provide care, that home becomes an option for an individual to choose from. Typically, these individuals have a Medicaid “Community Living” Waiver, or “CL Waiver”, which covers the cost of the service. Because these placements are typically long-term, we want to ensure that the home is a good match for the individual. To accomplish this the best we can, we attempt to have three meetings with the sponsor with the final meeting being a weekend stay at the sponsor’s home. Want to see what we have available? Check out the flyers for our available homes.

Current Vacancies 

Meet Our Team
Our team is comprised of highly experienced, professionally trained, and compassionate case workers.
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Success Stories

Brad's Story
Brad and his family joined the HumanKind family in June of 2023. Since then, we have gotten to know Brad and his smile is contagious. Brad is always involved in new activities at his church, or spending time with his family. Brad’s family found that Sponsored Residential worked very well for them, and they recommended us to a friend’s of their family and a friend of Brad’s.
Josh's Story
Josh and his family are the newest members of the HumanKind family. They have spent the last year working diligently to complete all the requirements to become Sponsors. Josh’s mother is now his Sponsor and has found support in other Sponsor’s like Brad’s. Josh and Brad both LOVE to decorate for holidays and have had the best decorations for the recent holidays of Christmas & Valentine’s Day.
AH's Story
AH got to attend a Sweetheart Dance on Valentine’s Day with her high school sweetheart. They had so much fun and enjoyed the dance. The smiles says it all! What else could be a better time than spending time with your sweetheart on Valentine’s Day to dance the night away!?
EP's Story
EP spent Christmas in Tennessee. While there, she attended some Christmas shows, dinners, and got in some shopping at The Island In Pigeon Forge. Among the giant ornaments and festivities, EP got to shop and have all the festive fun possible!
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