Your generosity really does make a difference.

This work would not be possible without your help. Thank you for giving strength to families struggling through crisis. We are so grateful for you!

We recognize and honor the gifts of our unwavering supporters who have made contributions in 2022. Thanks to our donors for your financial and in-kind support (January 1, 2022-December 31, 2022).

Champion Circle ($1,000,000+)

Office of Head Start

Platinum Circle ($500,000+)

Workforce Development Board Central Region

Diamond Circle ($250,000+)

Henrico County
Virginia Department of Health
Virginia Department of Social Services
Truist Financial Corporation and Truist Charitable Fund

Visionaries ($100,000+)

City of Richmond City Treasurer’s Office and the Office of Community Wealth Building
Estate of Sadie L. Kennedy

Stewards’ Council ($25,000+)

American Electric Power Foundation
Bedford County Department of Social Services
Capital One
Chesterfield County
Community Foundation for a Greater Richmond
Herndon Foundation
Jessie Ball duPont Fund
Louise Boyd Robinson Trust
Marietta McNeil Morgan & Samuel Tate Morgan, Jr. Trust, Bank of America, N.A., Trustee.
Nellie Wilson Trust
Pacific Life Foundation
Presbyterian Foundation
Scott Insurance
The Jackson Foundation
United Way of Central Virginia
United Way of Greater Richmond & Petersburg
Virginia LISC
Wells Fargo Foundation

Founders' Council ($10,000+)
Appomattox Department of Social Services  
Bank of the James   
Bernard E. and Edna B. Bain Trust  
Camp Foundation  
Capital One West Creek   
NiSource Charitable Foundation/ Columbia Gas  
First Citizens Bank   
Franklin Southampton Charities   
Mr. Harold R. Gardenhour, Jr.  
Mr. and Mrs. Paul A. Gottlieb  
Greater Lynchburg Community Foundation  
Dr. Joy Hilliard and Dr. Timothy Courville  
City of Lynchburg Office of Economic Development & Tourism  
Piedmont Community Health Plan   
Pam and Raine Sydnor, III
Trustees’ Council ($5,000+)
Mrs. Mary Bailey  
Bedford Community Health Foundation  
Berglund Toyota & Toyota Dealer Match Program  
Anita and Joe Bowman  
Campbell County Department of Social Services   
E. L. Carrington Trust  
City of Lynchburg   
Carolyn and Bob Creekmore  
Myra and Bob Dendy  
Dodson Pest Control  
Charles P. & Pearl B. Harris Scholarships   
Becky Hawkins  
Carolyn and Richard Jacques   
Member One Federal Credit Union   
Minnie E. Knight Trust  
Mr. and Mrs. Chanh Loc Nguyen   
Mrs. Toni Nigh   
SouthState Bank   
The Al Stroobants Foundation  
The Titmus Foundation   
Traditional Midwifery of Lynchburg
United Bank  
Virginia Fertility & IVF   
Walter J. Payne Foundation   
Watt Foster Family Foundation  
Watts Petroleum Corp  
Benefactors’ Society ($2,500+)
Agnus T. McCallum Trust  
Sallie Amos  
Atlantic Union Bank  
Bob and Anna Lou Schaberg Foundation  
Kathy and. Gary Brown   
Campbell Insurance   
Alissa and Josh Cassidy   
Central Virginia Community College   
Shirley and Jim Creasey   
Charles S. Dice Trust U/W   
Enterprise Holdings Foundation   
Fleet Laboratories   

Food Lion Feeds Charitable Foundation
Sasha Furdak Roy 
Mrs. Dot Grandstaff 
Helen E. Yoder Charitable Trust   
James River Landscaping, Inc. 
Karl Miller Realty 
Mrs. Katherine R. Kopp 
M S International, Inc./ Sarva Mangal Family Trust 
Mann Dryer Vent Cleaning LLC 
Dr. Muriel B. Mickles   
Estate of Dr. Rev. Jerry Newbold, Jr. 
Optima Health   
Kelly and Justin Parks 
James and Melissa Partridge 
Petersburg Third Presbyterian Church Endowment 
Mr. Leon R. Pletke   
Presbytery of Shenandoah 
Rempfer Construction, Inc. 
River Church 
Robinson, Farmer, Cox Associates   
Jeff and Karan Rowan 
Cathy and Matt Sackett   
Second Presbyterian Church of Richmond Virginia 
Synod of the Mid Atlantic   
The Northern Trust Company   
Virginia Credit Union League 
Woods Rogers Vandeventer Black PLC

Guardian Society ($1,000+)
Anna Burton Ellett Scholarship Fund  
Asgard of Maryland Foundation   
Dick Bain   
Margaret and Breck Berkey   
Blackstone Presbyterian Church   
Mr. Phillip L. Brown   
Mrs. Joan Bundy   
BWX Technologies, Inc.   
Chesapeake Bank   
Chestnut Hill United Methodist Church   
Coleman Adams Construction, Inc.  
Cooks Creek Presbyterian Church  
Susan and Hank Creasy  
Diamond Hill Presbyterian Church  
Dr. and Mrs. Fred W. Poos Fund  
Jennifer Eaton  
Exchange Club of Lynchburg  
Dr. Jenna Lloyd Fisher and Dr. Ron Fisher  
Mr. Matt Fore  
Grand Provisions  
Elizabeth and Eric Hansen  
Holy Trinity Lutheran Church  
Alisa and Arnulfo Jacinto, Jr.  
Jamerson Lewis Construction   
Phyllis Krehbiel  
Kroger Community Rewards  
Jane Larkin  
Mr. and Mrs. William A. Leasure, Jr.  
Etta Legner  
Liberty University Debate Team  
Gene and Sandy Mandrick   
Jerleen and Benny Marston   
Metropolitan Business League  
Angie Miller   
Moore & Giles, Inc.  
Nelson Harris Lewis Scholarship Fund  
Jennifer Nelson  
Mr. and Mrs. Chanh Hien Nguyen  
Mr. Chanh Minh Nguyen  
Niagara Bottling  
Dorothy and Richard Niles  
Katy and Chal Nunn  
Peaks Presbyterian Church  
Pinnacle Financial Partners  
Presbytery of the Peaks   
Mr. Ron Rebman   
Rehabilitation Associates of Central Virginia, Inc.   
Review Wave   
Schewel Furniture Company  
Brittany and Ethan Silver  
Jennifer and Shep Sittason  
Janie Smith   
SouthEastern Sign Company   
Southside Electric Cooperative   
Deborah Stevenson  
Jean Stewart and Nancy Gray   
Tharp Funeral Home & Crematory   
Mr. W.D. “Skip” Tharp   
The Whiting Turner Contracting Company  
Mrs. Margaret R. Thomas  
Jenny and Richard Tugman  
Virginia Credit Union   
Virginia Talk Radio Network   
Judith Waldron  
Walkers Evangelical Presbyterian Church  
Warden Family Foundation  
Wardensville Presbyterian Church  
Darrell Wargo  
Edwin T. Wellford Trust  
Dr. and Mrs. Harry A. Wellons, Jr.  
Mr. Ronald Wicks  
Women’s Health Services of Central Virginia  
Mrs. Phyllis Workman  
World Help
Leaders ($500+)
Joni and Mike Addington  
Bob Alvis  
Korin Ballengee  
James Barton  
Betsy and George Beam  
Michelle Bergman  
Mr. and Mrs. David B. Bice  
Mr. and Mrs. Robert B. Bishop  
Bloom by Doyles   
Bev Jordan and Nancy Bowles  
Drs. Terry and Bob Brennan  
Gaston Brown   
Anna Butzner   
Nancy Cameron  
Covenant Presbyterian Church  
CSE, Inc.    
Ebenezer Community Church   
Joe and Beth Eskridge   
Libby and Paul Fitzgerald  
Erin and Ross Folkenroth  
Franklin Presbyterian Church  
Rev. Jane Govan and Mr. Greg Govan  
Graves Mill Storage  
Kay and Gary Hall  
Mr. and Mrs. Steven R. Harris   
Head & Neck Surgery of Central VA  
Holmes Presbyterian Church   
Jae Studios  
Jefferson Forest High School   
Johnson Health Center  
Rachel Justice  
Ashleigh and Adam Karol 
Alissa and Josh Keith  
Barbara and Don Lucy  
Julie and Andy Mays  
Chuck and Cindy McGinnis  
Melissa and Eric Miller  
Hon. Norman Moon  
Randolph College SUPER ER Program   
The Rev. Dr. and Mrs. C. Thomas Rhyne  
Tracy and Ross Richardson 
Riverside Runners  
Dr. Cary Roberts  
Rockfish Presbyterian Church  
Mr. and Mrs. Heinz K. Simon  
Sandra Sloan  
Jennie and Stan Southworth  
Miss Elizabeth A. Stevenson  
Kenneth Stuckey  
Sunburst Vinyl Supply   
The Supply Room  
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas A. Thomson  
Morgan Vega  
Warrenton Presbyterian Church  
Mr. Charles M. White  
Wiley | Wilson  
Ms. Carla Williams  
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph H. Williams, Jr.  
Gladys Wonderley  
Randy Woods  
Joyce Wright   
Ginger Young
Sustainers ($250+)
Aberdour Presbyterian Church
Aldie Presbyterian Church Crystal Bailey   
Eileen Baldwin  
Bedford Baptist Church  
Susan and Mark Beeler  
Mary Colleen Beers  
Tabby Bennett   
Joanna and Walter Beverly
Mr. and Mrs. Warren Beydler
Mr. and Mrs. James Birch Jane Blickenstaff  
Bluemont Presbyterian Church  
Darla Bray
Brookneal Presbyterian Church  
Ms. Eugenia Brown   
Buena Vista Presbyterian Church 
Meghan Carlson   
Maralyn Carr  
Charles Town Presbyterian Church of West Virginia Charlottesville Racial Equity Women’s Circle  
Joe Chavez  
Jane Coleman   
Debbie Cook  
Mark Courtney and Terri Cornwell 
D.A. Swain Hauling   
Danville Pittsylvania Co. Fair
Mrs. Catherine de Long
Mr. William F. Dunbar III  
Earth Right Mid Atlantic  
Tammy Edens   
Nora England   
Enterprise Car Sales  
Barbara Farmer   
Financial Designs   
Fincastle Presbyterian Church  
First Christian Church   
Margaret and Keith Flynt Mary Grey Foster   
Maryanne Fuhrman  
Funky’s Arcade  
Mr. and Mrs. Ray L. Garland
Girl Scout Troop 4522  
Girl Scout Troop 9424/9730  
Girl Scout Troop 243   
Girl Scout Troop 99   
Girls Scout Troop 293/676
Ashley Graham   
Lisa and Brian Haibach  
Laina Hanchak  
Mr. and Mrs. William R. Hardman, Jr.  
Mitch Harmatz   
Maria and Lucas Hayden  
Jessica Hills  
Johnna Hudson  
Dr. and Mrs. E. Forrest Jessee, Jr.  
Mark Johnson  
Kappa Delta Sorority/ Zeta Nu Chapter  
Mrs. Sydnah Kingrea   
James Barger and Ms. Sarah Knight 
John Kolbe  
Mr. and Mrs. Marcus Lesniak
Elizabeth and Lloyd Lipscomb III   
Zachry Martin   
Jeremy Mason  
Maysville Presbyterian Church  
Dina McCray  
Jim Meador  
Mr. Floyd E. Miller II   
Mobile PA Productions   
Mrs. Elizabeth R. Moore   
Nelson Nava  
Sharon Naylor   
New Concord Presbyterian Church 
Barbara Newby  
Jessica and Alex Newmark Beverly O’Brien  
Olive Garden of Danville  
Cynthia Orkin  
Laurie Owen  
Mrs. Pat Owings  
Oxford Presbyterian Church Bruce Pearson  
Pike Title  
Presbyterian Women of the Peaks 
Presbyterian Women of Yorkminster 
Presbytery of the James  
Prestige Kennel  
Shereen Ramos  
David Roberts  
Mrs. Evelyn Rollison  
Janet Ruoff  
Mr. and Mrs. Donald L. Schupp, Jr.  
Martha Seufer  
David and Bowie Shields  
Smyrna Presbyterian Church Chris Sonne   
St. Paul’s Episcopal Church Julie Sturt   
Suffolk Presbyterian Church Dorothy Swain
Mr. and Mrs. John L. Trevey, Jr.
Tuscarora Presbyterian Church  
David Walden  
CatherineWilcher and John Parsell 
Peter Witt  
Alyssa Wolfgang   
Gretchen Wolfinger  
Charlie Wood  
Deon Wood  
Woodward Memorial Trust Fund  
Robert Wooldridge  
Yorkminster Presbyterian Church
Supporters ($1-$249)
Melanie Ackard 
Ahh Smash It 
Susan Aigotti 
Rev. and Mrs. Tadashi Akaishi
Ramona Akins 
Josh Alcorn  
Danielle Allen   
Kristen Allen  
Bianca Allison  
Brett Allison  
Julia Allison  
Bob Alpers  
Michelle Alvis 
Amazement Square, Inc.  
Amazon Smile Foundation  
Stephanie Anastasio  
Tammy Anders 
Lauren Anderson  
Joanne Anderson  
Sallie Anthony 
Susan Armstrong  
Helen and John Arnold   
Pat Aronson
Debbie Arthur  
Ace Bailey  
Latory Bailey 
Bain Lecture Fund  
Antoinette Ballagh 
Brian Baker  
Sharon Barcalow  
Heather and John Barnard  
Susan and David Barney, Jr.
Clara Basnight 
Laren and Samuel Baum
Joseph Bauer 
Matthew Beam 
Christopher Beard  
Teresa Beard  
Elizabeth-Reid Becker  
Mr. and Mrs. Belden H. Bell  
Belspring Presbyterian Church 
Dora Bennett  
Jillian Bentson
Bethany Presbyterian Women
Bethesda Presbyterian Church
Bethlehem Presbyterian Church Charlotte CC  
Nancy Bird
Mr. and Mrs. H. Allen Black III
William Blackman
Blacksburg Presbyterian Church
Danielle and Stephen Blair 
Jennifer Blair 
Aimee Blankenship  
Teresa Blankenship
Scott Blankinship  
Ruth Blanks 
Kelly Boesch 
Berry Bolt 
Sarah Bonner
Damian Booker 
Daniel Bost 
Pat Bower  
Kay Bowling 
Katie Bowman 
Sandra Boze 
Grace Branham  
Michelle Breeding  
Ryan Brendle
Amanda Brink  
Mr. B.P. Brinkley Jr.  
Jacqueline Britton 
Jessie Brockman 
Laura Brooks 
Cynthia and Lewis Brown 
David Brown 
Lauren Brown 
Mary Mason Brown  
Veda Brown 
Mr. John Brubaker, Jr.  
Burger Bach 
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Burleigh 
Mrs. Sandra Burleigh 
Mr. and Mrs. Peter Y. Burke  
Beth Burton  
Shelby Burton 
Kathleen Butler  
Kara Byrne  
Ryan Campbell 
Victoria Campbell 
Rose Campiglia  
Elizabeth Capps 
Captivating Legends Social Club
Ryan Carey  
Mike Cargill 
Joe Carmany 
Lisa Carpenter 
Scott Carpenter  
Trent Carpenter 
Holly Carrington  
Mr. and Mrs. John R. Carroll  
Trina and Danny Carter  
Kristi Carvajal
Glenda Cash 
Charlie and Marcy Catalano 
Center Point United Methodist Church  
Georgann Charlton
Kathy and Bob Chase 
Brian Chenault 
Rev. and Mrs. Donald Chichester 
Darrell Childress 
Kim Childress 
Melanie and Lynch Christian
Sara Lu Christian 
Martha Clark  
Steve Clark 
Margaret Cobb 
Cocky Rooster 
Chris Coffey 
Emily Coleman   
Faye Coleman 
Concord Presbyterian Church
Patricia Conroy  
Heidi Cook  
Keith Cook 
Matt Cooper 
Cooper’s Hawk  
Lauren Cox 
Amy Craddock 
Nancy Craft  
Connie Crank  
Shaun Crosby 
Carter Cundiff 
Nicolle and David Cundiff  
Patrick Cundiff 
Sally Curtis 
Destiny Dagenhart 
Connie Dahlberg  
Anita and Eric Dailey 
Shannon Daniel 
Dr. Juville Dario Becker   
Amy Davis  
Atticus Davis  
Kelsey Davis  
Kevin Davis  
Shelley Davis 
Mr. and Mrs. G. E. Dawson III
Katharine Dean   
Kristi Decker  
Rev. and Mrs. Nathan Dell 
Delta Kappa Gamma Society/Gamma Psi Chapter  
Laura Dendy 
Mr. and Mrs. J. Vincent Desmond, Jr.
DeWitt Crane Trust  
Peggy Deyerle  
Joseph Dial  
Dr. and Mrs. Dennis Dibbern 
Margaret Dillard  
Katie and Mike Diminick   
Dish of Lynchburg 
Tambri Doby 
James Dorsett 
Mitzi Dooley  
Robert Douglas Jr.
Shannon Dove 
Kathryn Drury   
Lisa Dugach 
Elaine Duke 
Lindsey Dummeldinger 
Nadine Dunton  
Jason Dupaul 
Victoria Dyke 
Seth Dykeman 
Georgellen Easter   
Tommy Edmunds 
Cyrstal and Brian Edwards   
Susannah Edwards 
Donna Elder 
Kimberly Elliott 
Dr. and Mrs. Robert I. Elliott   
Sherri Ellis 
Emily Elrod 
Aaron Evans  
Charlie and Julie Evans 
Danner Evans 
Elizabeth Ewers 
Sally Faidley 
Fairlawn Presbyterian Church 
Julie Farley 
Mr. and Mrs. David Farmer   
Elizabeth Farnsworth 
Brandon Faughnan   
Finley Memorial Presbyterian Women  
First Presbyterian Church of Collinsville  
First Presbyterian Church of Emporia 
First Presbyterian Church of Roanoke Rapids  
First Presbyterian Church of Pulaski  
Theresa Fisher 
Miranda Flynn 
Mrs. Anne Foard 
Laurie Foot  
Linda and John Fore 
Forest Dental Center  
Forest Hills Presbyterian Church 
Susan and Matt Foster  
Molly Frank 
Tammy Franklin 
Mr. and Mrs. Kriss Freeman   
Diego Freitas 
Megan Fritzinger  
Frosty Penguin 
Amy Fuhrman  
Charlotte Fuhrman  
Ted and Rita Furhman 
Virginia Fuhrman 
Meredith Fulcher  
Mr. and Mrs. Dudley Fulton 
Sarah Fury  
Kassie Gada   
Tabitha Gaddy 
Dr. and Mrs. John Gilkey  
Doris and Fred Gallagher, Jr.
Rev. James Gallagher, Jr.
Kelly Gaputis 
Larkin Garbee  
Yen and Steve Gates 
Jonathan Gedeon 
Hunter Gibson  
Molly and Mike Gilbert 
Ikraj Gill 
Allison Gillespie 
Katie Gillette 
James Gilliam  
Lindsey Gillis   
Krisie Gillispie 
Gilman Heating Cooling   
Joe Girandola 
Girl Scout Troop 134
Ronald Gladle
Glasgow Presbyterian Church
Brandy Glass 
Edward Goad 
Brenda Goin 
Dorothy Gold 
Allan and Sherri Goldman   
Rachel Gollub 
Mr. Ramu Gorai  
Tom Gossler 
Mr. and Mrs. Tony Gowen 
Grace Presbyterian Church  
Eden Graham 
Dr. and Mrs. Lou Graham  
Anita Grandeo 
Mr. William H. Gravely   
Jackie Gray   
Jan Gray  
Marlene Gray Dr. Philip D. Greenwood
Mr. and Mrs. Alan Greer  
Ellen Gross  
Caroline Grossman  
Glenn Grossman 
Laurie Grosvenor 
Connie Haibach  
Mrs. Doris Hailey  
Amy Hale 
Crystal Halfkenny 
Lukin Hall   
Linda Hall 
Claudia Hamel Mendoza 
Katherine Hamilton  
William R. Hammond, Jr.  
Mary Ann Hancock 
Joyce Hanson  
Tyler Harris 
Keri Harris Shaw 
Zachary Hartle  
Hartwood Presbyterian Church 
James Harvey 
Lawrence Hassler 
Steve Hatch 
Dr. and Mrs. Simon Hatin 
Hawkins Memorial Presbyterian Women
Sarah Hellewell  
Mr. and Mrs. Barton Hellmuth
Adda Helm 
Jessica Henderson 
Hugh Hendrix  
Connie Hensley 
Lupe Hernandez   
Yvonne Herndon 
Milissa Herrmann   
Becky Herzog  
Ronald Higgs  
Hill City Donuts 
Jacquelyn Hill 
Sue and Randy Hinson 
Holiday Barn Pet Resorts  
Angela Holley Gregory  
Darius Holston 
Kristen Honeycutt 
Karen Hopkins 
Dennis Howard 
Margaret Howard  
Cameron Howe 
Patricia Hudson  
Jennifer Huffman  
Jeanne and Tom Hughes 
Marie Huhmann 
Carly Hunt  
Cynthia Hunter 
Dr. and Mrs. George A. Hurt  
Philip Husted 
Rosemary and Alex Hutcherson 
Denise Hutton   
Pat and James Hylton, Sr.
Teresa Irving 
I Scream You Scream  
Allison and Brian Jablonski 
Heather Jackson  
Indy Jackson 
Mary Ann Jamerson 
Ed James 
Nick Jarratt  
Peter Jay 
Stacey Jenkins 
Steven Jerome 
Pete Jewett 
Anne Jillson 
John and Virginia Hunt Memorial Fund
Michael John  
Christa Johnson  
Debbie Johnson  
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Johnson 
Jordan Johnson  
Mrs. Lucy Johnson  
Mike Johnson   
Karen Jones 
Karla and Lucas Jones 
Kathy Jones 
Kevin Jones  
Norah Jones 
Sara and George Joyner 
Donna Kay 
George Kayes  
Lucas Keesee 
King’s Chapel Presbyterian Church  
Geoff Kershner 
Patrick Kenny 
Elizabeth Kettinger 
Keyser Presbyterian Church 
Laura Kicklighter 
Mark Koch 
Ashley Kohinke  
Sarah Konyndyk  
Kroger – Timberlake 
The Hon. and Mrs. Ross W. Krumm  
George Kunkel 
Robert Ladd 
Elizabeth and Ed Lane  
Kristin Lang  
Julia Langley 
Doreen and Larry Latimer 
Lillian Lawrence   
Brittany Layne 
Judy and Doug Lee  
Brad Lentz 
Pamela Stanley Levinson  
Donna Lewis 
Kathy and Emmett Lifsey  
Robert Livingston and Beth Schwartz 
Elizabeth Lo 
Maureen and Robert Lockridge
London Downs Golf Course  
Kenneth Longo 
Remo Lotano 
Tammy Love 
Bryant Loving   
Doreen and David Loy 
Jennifer Lully 
Luther Maddy Real Estate LLC
Michael Lynn 
Diane MacKenzie  
Christopher Maddox 
Marian Major  
Nancy L. Mallon 
Janice Mangum 
Keith Mann  
Sherry Manschot 
Rachel Marchant 
John Marcinik 
Arielou Marcy 
Suzette Markland 
Jacqueline Marks 
Shauna Marriott 
Virginia Marshburn 
Loretta Marshall  
Janice Marston 
Martin Auto and Truck  
Ryan Martin 
Luke Maslow 
Dale Matthews  
Elizabeth Matthews 
Hutch Mauck 
Paul May  
Becky Mays 
McAllister Memorial Presbyterian Church 
Janet McBride 
Margaret McClellan   
Sandra McConnell 
Brian McCorkle  
Judy McDonald 
Gamel McGhee 
Colleen McGuigan 
Janice McLaughlin 
C. Milton McNatt   
Kate and Chet McPhatter  
Janet McVey 
June McWane 
Elizabeth Meade 
Jackie Meador
Dr. and Mrs. Glenn Meadows
Linda Meadows  
Louise Mekanik 
Sarah Merricks 
Delores Merrill  
Warren Metzger 
Mr. and Mrs. Edward Mikenas
Margie Miles   
Sherry Miles 
J.D. Miller  
Lisa Miller 
Valerie Miller  
Kenda Millner   
Penny and Chris Millson-Martula 
Philip Minard and Brittany Tedder  
Monster Truck Wars 
Ryan Moody 
Kelly Moore  
Martha and Martin Moore  
Rita Moore
Brandi Morgan 
Nena Morgan  
Leslie and Thomas Morris  
Marilyn Morris   
Shirley Morris 
Bridgett Morrison 
Mr. and Mrs. James Morrison 
Mrs. Mary Morriss  
Gwen Mosebrook 
Kyle Moses  
Michael Moses 
Jamie Moss 
Loretta Mountcastle   
Mrs. Joy’s Absolutely Fabulous Treats   
Muchos Taqueria 
Josh Mullins 
Tyler Mullins 
Laura Murrell 
Lisa Myers  
Monica Nash 
N. B. Handy Company  
Roy Neal 
Daniel Neilans 
New Concord Presbyterian Women  
New Providence Presbyterian Church 
New Store Presbyterian Church
Melinda Newsom 
Marsha and Danny Newton
Garrett Nicholas 
Joanna Nicholas  
Dale and Greg Nichols 
Ivy Noel 
Elizabeth Noland 
Bill Norris 
Rebecca North 
Charles Norton 
Ashley Nowell   
Mena Nowlin  
Beverly and Paul Nyden 
Sophia Obertello 
Kea Oboth  
Whitney and Bobby O’Brian
Emily O’Donnell 
Heidi and John Oliver  
Anne and Evan Ownby  
Joanne Packert 
Karen Painter  
Catherine Palmore 
Panera Bread of Lynchburg 
Chris Parandian 
Lynnette Park   
Maddie Parten 
Mary Pascale 
Avery Patterson   
Rory Patterson 
Jill Paul 
Carter and Bill Paxton  
Rev. James Payne  
Leslie and Kimball Payne  
Linda Pennington  
David Perault 
Joffrey Peters 
Petersburg Presbyterian Church
Burt Peterson  
Faith and Steve Peterson 
Blair Petteway 
Catherine Phillips  
Mark Phillips 
Patty and Kenn Picardi   
Joe Piccolo  
Nicole Pierce  
Lauren Pillow  
Sherri Pillow 
Pines Chapel Presbyterian Church  
Abby Pinkard  
Lakisha Pinn  
Keith Pitzer 
Pledgeling Foundation 
Nicole Plucker 
David Pociluyko
Dr. and Mrs. Alan Podosek 
Christine Pollock 
Dr. John Pope, Jr.
Sarah Porter 
Stephen Preite 
Presbyterian Church of Radford 
Presbyterian Homes Alumni Association 
Presbyterian Women of Bethesda/ McElwee  
Presbyterian Women of the James   
Presbytery of Eastern Virginia
Betty Proffitt 
Pat and Reggie Pugh  
Daniel Prunes 
Linda and James Purdy 
Jeff Quarles 
Margie Ramos 
Bonnie Ramsey 
Laura Randolph 
Jessica Raynor  
Reid’s Fine Furnishings 
Holli Relyea 
Vivian Rexrode  
Allie Rich 
William Richards 
Julie Riggar 
River City Lock & Key   
Melissa Roach Stevens  
Roanoke Valley Presbyterian Church  
Shirley Roberts 
Tabatha Robertson 
Tim Robertson  
Jennifer Robinson Guerin  
Lupita Rodriguez 
Raina Rosado 
Deborah Rosenberger 
Ryan Rosewell  
Dustin Rosser  
Jackie Rosser 
Joan Rowe 
Carole Royer  
Anne and David Royer  
Rev. J. Kenneth Rush Jr.  
Haley Russell 
Safe & Blessed 
Holly Sanders
Emily Saunders 
Carla Scanlan 
The Scott and Mosely Family 
Lisa and Hilliary Scott   
Marianne Schatvet 
Lisa Schenkel 
Sierra Schneider 
Susan Schroll 
Mr. and Mrs. William Schutt 
Regina Schwabe 
Second Presbyterian Church of Waynesboro 
Jonathan Sell  
Verna Sellers 
Deidre Serio   
Lynn Shapiro 
Joy Shaughnessy 
Luke Shaw 
Lesley Shipley 
Mary Shelby  
Linda and George Shirocky 
Kenneth Shorter 
Signature One Realtors  
Rosemary Simmons  
Mr. and Mrs. Terry Simpkins  
Caitlin George Sink 
Tanya Sinurat  
Terri Sipantzi 
Jen Slightham 
Catarina Smith 
Keisha Smith  
Sarah and Charles Smith  
Katie Smith  
Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Smith  
Lilly Smith  
Tony Smith  
Amanda Smithson 
Erin Smythers  
Mr. and Mrs. John M. Snarr Jr.
Col. and Mrs. Parks Snead 
Ashton Sosnowski 
Elizabeth Soto  
Laura Soto 
South Plains Presbyterian Church 
Lisa Sowa   
Epiphany Soward 
Mark Spain 
Kathryn Sparhawk 
Spreads By Shonda  
Rhonda Sprouse 
Dr. and Mrs. Peter Squire 
Laura Stacey 
Will Stafford 
Emily Joseph and Angelos Stamatiou 
Walker Stebbings 
Kurt Stecher 
Sue Stephenson   
Shanna Stetson 
Cynthia Steward 
Emily Stilwell   
Lisa Stinnette 
Samantha and Chris Stokes   
Wendy Storey 
Naomi Stork 
Diane Stroud  
John Strumpell 
Amanda Swanson 
SweetFrog Enterprises, LLC 
Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Swicegood
Jennifer Talpesh 
Mary Anne and Quinn Tamm, Jr.
Dianne and Gerry Tanner 
Lynnea Tate   
Susan and Andrew Tatom III 
Tiffany and Matt Tatom   
John Taylor   
Katherine Taylor 
Brian Tencher 
The Farm Basket 
The Tobacco Company   
The Virginian Hotel  
Third Presbyterian Church of Norfolk
Mr. and Mrs. Ron Thomas  
Heather Thomas  
Molly and Mark Thomas   
Dr. Thomas Thomas  
Kristine Thompson 
Mary Thompson 
Caroline Thornhill 
Theo Tillas 
Jacqueline Tiller 
Collin Tinsley 
Mr. and Mrs. Ed Tinsley  
Kate Tinsley  
Sutton Tinsley 
Rebecca and Rikki Tissier  
Joanne Todd   
Patty and Jim Toler 
Samantha Tomlin 
Tiffany and Matt Tompkins  
Susan and John Torell  
Leasa Torrence 
Dewayne Towe 
William C. Trenary III 
Marjorie Trent 
Pam Trent   
Kaycee Tripp and Josh Powell
Natalie Trost 
Alison Tuck 
Lewanda Tucker 
Paige Tucker 
Mr. and Mrs. William R. Tucker
Jennifer Tyree 
U.S. Foods 
Danielle Ulmer  
Tonda and Paul Ulmer 
Frances Unruh 
Seleste Upshaw 
Marjette Upshur  
Don Van Ness 
Frances Vandenbergh 
Karly Vanhorn 
Vanquish Beauty Studio   
John Vassar 
Fred Vine 
Joanne Volk 
Sarah Waddell  
Allison Wade 
Elizabeth and Scott Wade  
Emma Wade 
Barbara and Charles Wales  
Kevin Walsh  
Ellen and David Walters 
Dexter Walthall  
Jessica Ward  
Judith and Michael Ware  
Mrs. Clara Warren  
Shirley and David Warren 
Mr. and Mrs. William Watson
Shawna Watters 
Waynesboro First Presbyterian Church
Waynesboro Second Presbyterian Church
Jacqueline Weaver 
William Weber  
Kathleen and Bill Weimer 
Ann Marie Weissert
Jason Wells 
Jeff Wells and Mac Pence  
Amanda West 
Westminster Presbyterian Women   
Timmie White   
Pam and Daniel Winegard  
Harriett Wood  
Mina and Robin Wood  
Rhonda and Greg Wormser

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