Save the Date for June 24-25, 2023

Alumni for the Presbyterian Home are welcomed home each June with a fun-filled celebration. We are delighted to have families from all over the country reunited.

The Alumni Association is excited to see everyone this year for another fantastic Homecoming. The festivities will begin on Saturday. We hope that you have marked your calendars. We would love to see you if only for a short while.

We hope you’ll join us for a weekend of reminiscing, fun and fellowship with friends and family. If interested in being a part of The Alumni Association please contact us at the info below.

Homecoming 2023 | June 24-25

Stay tuned for more details and the schedule for this year’s Homecoming.

Please contact Alumni Group President, Tracy Richardson by email: tracycrichardson@yahoo.com.

To contact and reconnect with the Presbyterian Homes Alumni Group, please contact one of the board members below:

President–Tracy C. Richardson, 804.363.6399, email: tracycrichardson@yahoo.com

Vice President–David Coleman, 434.665.9353, email: darinva10@yahoo.com

Treasurer–Darlene Coleman, 434.363.0335, email: darinva10@yahoo.com

Volunteer– Thomas Stinespring, 434.665.2202, email tstiener@yahoo.com

For more information, please contact:
Angie Miller | Vice President, Development