Sponsored Homes serve adults with Developmental Disabilities through an alternative service model from the traditional group home setting. This program provides the same around-the-clock care that one would receive in a group home setting, but in a smaller, more intimate home environment. There can be no more than two individuals in the same home receiving care from a Sponsor, which is a shift from the group home model which can serve up to six individuals. The Sponsor provides all of the care for the individual​, and receives the same extensive training required for group home staff.

Potential sponsors contact HumanKind expressing interest in having an individual come and live with them and their family. Our staff complete an application process which includes several face to face meetings, home visits, and a background check. We help the Sponsor apply for and become licensed under the guidelines outlined by the Department of Behavioral Health and Developmental Services (DBHDS). Once a home is licensed, they are ready to begin providing care to one of the individuals referred to our agency.  

After visiting several potential homes, the individual is able to choose a particular Sponsor to go and live with. Because these placements are typically longer-term, we want to ensure that the home is a good match for the individual. 

Individuals enrolled in the Sponsored Home program typically have a Medicaid “Community Living” Waiver, which covers the cost of the service.

While some individuals or families might prefer a traditional group home setting, a Sponsored placement has proven to be a great fit for many of our individuals.


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