Those words don’t even begin to express our feelings of gratitude.

Every January we pause to say, “Thank you,” for the lasting impact YOU made in the lives of children and families in our community over the past year.

This season of gratitude feels even bigger – 2021 continued to bring unforeseeable challenges and yet you provided generous help to your neighbors in need again and again.

Please join us this month as we will be highlighting stories of hope, grace, and resiliency that YOU made possible.

Follow the stories as we share them here and read below all the good you made possible.

You answered the call

In yet another challenging year, you provided help to families in need. Your support makes it possible for those in need to find a place of encouragement, support, and community -- even through the most difficult circumstances.

Success Stories

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Connection is Everything | Andrew & Thomas' Story
Because of you, Andrew and Thomas have a trauma therapist to connect with them in thoughtful and unique ways and helping them build a toolkit of therapeutic skills. Your support is the reason lives are transformed, and children get the care they desperately need.
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Unexpected Blessings | Shauna's Story
Now a mom of three children, Shauna still has her moments of feeling overwhelmed as the effects of the pandemic linger on. But because of you, today she’s stronger and has the tools and resources to guide her -- to take care of herself and her family.
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Finding Refuge | Joseph's Story
Months before the world declared a pandemic, Joseph’s life was already in crisis. Because of you this child had a foster family and safe home ready to meet his needs when crisis struck.
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More than Surviving | Donna's Story
She didn’t give up – Donna wants to make life better not just for herself, but lead the way for her children. As the single income provider in her household, she had to keep everyone afloat while staying focused on her journey to financial stability. Even though she ran into hard times, your gifts helped her get through them.
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A Life Like Ours | Paul's Story
Although much of life doesn’t look the same right now, your gift ensures that Paul and his housemates have a quality of life that is meaningful to them – and as you already know, this has never been more important.
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A Place to Call Home | Roman Family Story
Ramona and Franklin Roman never gave up. And because of you they had access to resources and the support they needed to create a path to homeownership. Very soon this family will be spending the holidays in their new home.
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Discovering Resilience | Jeremy's Story
Jeremy has moderate intellectual disabilities, intermittent explosive disorder and obsessive compulsive disorder – schedules and routines are everything to him. But because of you Jeremy was not alone.
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In Times of Crisis | Sabrina's Story
Sabrina thought the worst part of the coronavirus pandemic happened when the schools closed for the remainder of the school year. She was wrong, weeks later she would also lose her job.
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In Times of Fear | Dakota's Story
Thanks to you, Dakota had the support system to get the best start into motherhood. Your generosity has forever changed the life of Dakota and other mothers like her. You provided the tools she needed to overcome this obstacle.
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Finding Grace | Tyrone's Story
Because of you and your support, in the midst of a pandemic Tyrone had the resources he needed to bridge the gap. This grace is only possible because of YOU! Thank you for being a hero for our neighbors in need.
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In Times of Darkness | Rachael's Story
Facing the pandemic isolation alone, could have been disastrous for Rachael putting her right back where she started. But she had the support she needed. Now, in this global pandemic, you made sure Rachael has a lifeline. She can rely heavily on her TMC support group -- virtually.
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Building Resilience | Trevor's Story
It could have been a devastating road block, but you stepped in and made sure it was only a detour. Without you, Trevor and his grandmother would be walking through this crisis alone.
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Your Gift has forever changed lives

Thank you for all you have done and continue to do. Whether it be prayer support, volunteering, or financial gifts — THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!

Because of you, families stayed safe and healthy, children had a home, there was food on the table, and even in the midst of crisis there was joy. Lives were transformed forever thanks to you.

This year your generosity bridged the gap for so many people – and you were a hero in the middle of a crisis. Thank you for letting your light shine in the darkness so others can find the light. May you and your family be blessed as you celebrate the renewal of a new year.

We hope you will be encouraged by seeing all the ways your giving spirit has impacted so many children and families in our community.

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