What We Do:

Our home visiting program guides and strengthens families by providing one-on-one education and support customized to each family’s needs.  

At Healthy Families, we believe that every parent wants the best for their child.  Through the support of our skilled and compassionate Family Support Specialist, parents are equipped with the tools they need to build healthy, stable families.  Our staff coaches parents on how to practice effective parenting skills, build positive relationships with their children, and increase support networks.

Additionally, we provide parent education and support groups for breastfeeding moms, fathers, mothers in recovery (S.M.A.R.T.) and Hispanic families.


Healthy Families is a home-visiting service that supports new parents prenatally through the child’s fifth birthday by focusing on positive parent-child interactions and providing education related to healthy development and family functioning.

Success Stories

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In Times of Fear | Dakota's Story
Thanks to you, Dakota had the support system to get the best start into motherhood. Your generosity has forever changed the life of Dakota and other mothers like her. You provided the tools she needed to overcome this obstacle.
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Kittie's Story
Kittie has been working with Healthy Families for three years and has seen dramatic results.
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For more information, please contact: