Sponsored Homes serve adults with Developmental Disabilities through an alternative service model from the traditional group home setting.

This program provides the same around-the-clock care that one would receive in a group home setting, but in a smaller, more intimate home environment. There can be no more than two individuals in the same home receiving care from a Sponsor, which is a shift from the group home model which can serve up to six individuals. The Sponsor provides all of the care for the individual​, and receives the same extensive training required for group home staff.

Potential sponsors contact HumanKind expressing interest in having an individual come and live with them and their family. Our staff complete an application process which includes several face to face meetings, home visits, and a background check. We help the Sponsor apply for and become licensed under the guidelines outlined by the Department of Behavioral Health and Developmental Services (DBHDS). Once a home is licensed, they are ready to begin providing care to one of the individuals referred to our agency.  

After visiting several potential homes, the individual is able to choose a particular Sponsor to go and live with. Because these placements are typically longer-term, we want to ensure that the home is a good match for the individual. 

Individuals enrolled in the Sponsored Home program typically have a Medicaid “Community Living” Waiver, which covers the cost of the service.

While some individuals or families might prefer a traditional group home setting, a Sponsored placement has proven to be a great fit for many of our individuals.

Interested in becoming a Sponsor?

Our mission to provide a safe, caring, and supportive atmosphere where individuals with disabilities to achieve their goals is only possible because of people like you. Becoming a sponsor is a significant commitment, but rest assured knowing that the Adult Services team is here to assist you in any way we can!

Sponsors like these are all over the state of Virginia, helping individuals be seen as and heard as a valuable part of the community! Interested in becoming a sponsor yourself? It’s easy to get started! We welcome you to complete the inquiry form below. Once submitted, somebody from our Training and Recruitment team will reach out to provide more information and reach out!


Looking for Sponsored Home Vacancies?
Here is a look at current openings in Sponsored Homes.
Current Openings

Mary’s Story

Meet Mary — who now lives on a farm with Sponsors Sabrina and Howard Goss. Sabrina already had a strong connection to her, having been one of the HumanKind staff members that supported Mary during her time at Zuni. Sabrina shared that there is a visible change in Mary’s confidence and countenance since the transition just over a year ago; she is making decisions for herself and interacting more independently in the community in ways she has never done before.

Read more about Mary and her life in Sponsored Homes here

Sponsored Homes Stories

Meet Laney
Laney is 23 and she loves fashion! She recently went buy new boots for the holidays at a local boutique and Laney made friends with the owner! The owner of the boutique loved Laney’s upbeat personality and sense of humor! She also received a second pair of boots for the price of one! Laney returns to her favorite boutique often to buy various items because she says “they clothes that are different and pretty.”
Meet DC
DC is an active member of her community! Her sponsor makes every effort to ensure she gets out to some seasonal festive events and even make time for special events like the Taylor Swift: The Eras Tour movie! DC loves to be creative and is always painting something that she will typically send to the HumanKind staff member in her life. She loves animals and has a heart that shows her compassion for all creatures.
Meet Terry
Terry was able to go to Harvest Ridge Farm. He played skee ball. He watched the children play. He ate from the concessions stand and looked at all the pumpkins.
Meet J & J
It was a special and memorable night for residents J & J -- they got to go to prom! They had so much fun dancing and getting to enjoy the night with their friends.
For more information, please contact:
Jim Meador | Director of Adult Services