What we offer:

Children in the Middle

Children in the Middle is a 4-hour specialized parenting class for divorced, or divorcing couples; any adult involved in a custody dispute; those seeking visitation through the court system; and other adults (i.e. grandparents) concerned about the effects of adult conflict on children. Please contact Lynne Goodwin at 434.845.5944 or lgoodwin@humankind.org for more information.


Parent/Child Nurturing Class

Becoming a parent is overwhelming.  Not all new mothers and fathers have the skills to provide support for a newborn.  This class builds confidence in parents by providing tools that will benefit the whole family.  

Class topics will include:

  • Nurturing Skills
  • Healthy Discipline
  • Building self-worth in your children
  • Developing nurturing relationships
  • And more!

**Available in Appomattox and Bedford County**

For more information, please contact:
Nadine Dunton | Lead Prevention Specialist