Ways to Work lifts up Shekia in Richmond

Shekia joined the Ways to Work program after being without reliable transportation for a period of more than two months.  Her vehicle had left her stranded in more ways than one. The breakdown of her car had not only left her on the side of the road, but was beginning to cause issues with her career.

At work, Shekia’s manager recognized her value as an employee and was doing everything possible to keep her on board, including providing her with office duties and rides to meet with clients. However, her job was still in jeopardy, as Shekia’s job requires her to have a reliable vehicle in order to consult with clients at locations throughout the Richmond area.

Shekia is a hard worker and was doing everything she could to keep her career on track and keep up with her household expenses. But she was at an impasse and desperately needed a car to keep her employment and a roof over her head.  The Ways to Work program was able to help Shekia and she was ultimately able to purchase a vehicle through the program.

Since then Shekia has made great strides and has truly put her vehicle to work! In the short time she has had her Ways to Work vehicle, Shekia has become the top sales person in the area and has earned two sales leader awards. In addition to receiving awards, Shekia has also started working with the Financial Opportunity Center, with the help of both programs she has stabilized her finances, improved her credit by more than 20 points, and increased her income by more than 50%!  Everyone in the Richmond office is always pleased to work with Shekia as she embodies the spirit of our programs and is a true example of what can be achieved with a “hand up”, determination, and hard work.