Community Supports offer a variety of unique services that support individuals and families within the home environment and community settings. Through CSS programs, individuals and families are provided an individualized level of care that focuses on wellness, self-sufficiency, and personal empowerment. Our services include: Intensive In-Home, Mental Health Skill-Building, and Family Coaching.

Services Offered

Intensive In-Home

What is Intensive In-home?

Intensive in-home services are limited interventions provided in the individual’s residence and when clinically necessary in community settings.

What kind of service does IIH provide?

IIH services work to  improve family dynamics, and provide the clinically necessary interventions that will help increase relations between family members in the home.

IIH services are designed to promote psychoeducational benefits in the home setting of an individual who is at risk of being moved into an out-of-home placement or who is being transitioned to home from an out-of-home placement due to a documented medical need of the individual.

Who is eligible for IIH?

Children and adolescents under age 21 are eligible for IIH if they meet the following criteria:

  1. Individuals must demonstrate a clinical necessity for the service arising from mental, behavioral or emotional illness causing significant impairment
  2. A diagnosis, given after assessment, must support the mental, behavioral, or emotional illness attributed to the recent significant functional impairments in major life activities.
  3. The impairments experienced by the child or adolescent are to such a degree that they meet the criteria for being at risk of out of home placement or risk of hospitalization
  4. At least one parent/legal guardian or responsible adult with whom the individual is living must be willing to participate in the intensive in-home services with the goal of keeping the individual with the family.

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Mental Health Skill-building (MHSS)

What is Mental Health Skill-building (MHSS)?

MHSS is an individualized training that enables individuals to achieve and maintain community stability and independence in the most appropriate, least restrictive environment.

What kind of individualized training does MHSS provide?

  • Development of functional skills and appropriate behavior related to health and safety
  • Activities of daily living such as self-care, organization, social engagement
    Use of community resources
  • Assistance with medication management
  • Monitoring health, nutrition, and physical condition

Who is eligible for MHSS?

MHSB services are eligible to individuals who meet the following criteria:

  1. Difficulty with basic living skills such as symptom management; adherence to psychiatric and medication treatment plans in addition to challenges in the development and appropriate use of social skills and personal support system; personal hygiene; food preparation; and/or money management.
  2. Is currently receiving Medicaid or eligible for Medicaid
  3. Have a qualifying mental health diagnosis of the following:  psychotic disorder, major depressive disorder – recurrent, or bipolar disorder I or II. *Other mental health disorders may qualify with documentation of MHSS need from a physician*
  4. A prior history of qualifying mental health treatment such as previous inpatient hospitalization.
  5. Have received a prescription for an antipsychotic, mood stabilizer, or antidepressant medication within the twelve months -unless a physician documents that such medication is medically contraindicated.
  6. Individuals under the age of 21 seeking MHSS must meet the above criteria in addition to:
    1. Be in an independent living situation or transitioning into one within six months.

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Family Coaching

What is Family Coaching?

Family Coaching services focus on the improvement of parenting skills and assist caregivers in developing a nurturing approach to meet the developmental and emotional needs of their children.

What kind of service does Family Coaching provide?

Family Coaching services include individualized family assessment and planning which measures parenting beliefs, knowledge, and skills and identifies the areas of need within the family system. Family Coaching seeks to reduce the risk of out of home placement and draws upon evidenced-based curriculum to establish and increase appropriate family interactions within the home.

Family coaching also provides support for families through in custody. Our service provides supervised visitation through Social Services and collaboration with coordinated providers to engage parents in the process of their children’s return to the home.

Who is eligible for Family Coaching services?

Families and individuals involved with Child Protective Services due to prevention or removal cases.

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