Alice’s Success Story

Alice was an angry and anxious teenager. She was combative in school with fellow classmates and teachers, and her inability to concentrate forced her grades to slip. She had frightening flashbacks — flashbacks to awful scenes from her childhood that included sexual abuse.

Alice harbored a lot of anger toward her family for what happened to her when she was young. She felt frightened and alone, and at one point thought the best way to deal s when Alice got help t easy to open up about her past and start the long, slow process of moving forward.

Talking to a counselor has been life changing for Alice. Today she’s much healthier as she works to forgive her family and pursue a relationship with them. She’s excelling in school and is making plans for the future. She’s living a happy, healthy life without feeling the crippling emotions she carried around for so many years. It’s obvious, through her mood and her actions, that Alice is feeling good about herself again.