At HumanKind, we believe that physical health and wellness are key components in overall health. As advocates for being outdoors and having a well-rounded diet, we are fortunate to have a variety of activities to participate in as well as areas to see and explore. With over 160 acres to explore, visit our campus and take advantage of our GreenSpace and community garden.

Health & Wellness Programs

Community Garden
These plots have produced wildflowers, herbs, and a wide variety of vegetables. All of which have been donated to local area food partners.
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Presbyterian Homes Campus Facilities
HumanKind’s campus in the heart of Lynchburg is the perfect spot to gather with family, friends and colleagues.
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Cross-Country Course at HumanKind
HumanKind is the home course for several local schools cross country teams.
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Success Stories

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Against All Odds | Londyn's Story
Because of you, teachers like Stephanie had the resources and the training needed to love and teach children like Londyn. You provided the support she needed to overcome these obstacles, and any others that may come her way.
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Answered Prayers | Kathy & Sarah's Story
Because of you Sarah has gained the confidence and security to build a life for her and her son. You opened doors so Kathy could help her daughter blossom into an amazing mother and make sure Aiden had a safe environment to grow and explore.
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Road to Healing | Chris' Story
What a gift you have provided Chris and his family – high quality care and access to resources to wrap around this whole family helping them to heal. Because of you, Chris and his entire family were able to take life-changing steps towards recovery and healing.
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Connection is Everything | Andrew & Thomas' Story
Because of you, Andrew and Thomas have a trauma therapist to connect with them in thoughtful and unique ways and helping them build a toolkit of therapeutic skills. Your support is the reason lives are transformed, and children get the care they desperately need.
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Unexpected Blessings | Shauna's Story
Now a mom of three children, Shauna still has her moments of feeling overwhelmed as the effects of the pandemic linger on. But because of you, today she’s stronger and has the tools and resources to guide her -- to take care of herself and her family.
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Calloway's basketball team
Jessie Calloway's basketball team rents out and practices in our gymnasium.
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For more information, please contact:
Joni Addington | Director of Facilities