The GreenSpace concept plan will honor the past and preserve our historic Presbyterian Homes Campus in Lynchburg. Help us conserve the landscape to continue our mission serving individuals, families and communities through care, counseling and education.

By conserving our historic property we will also honor the historic neighborhood, the community and the experience of all our guests. This GreenSpace concept overall provides areas to facilitate physical activity and relaxation and form a refuge from noise — we have the land, gardens, trails, pond, open space and opportunities for people to connect.

Through a Conditional Use Permit (CUP) process, we are proposing to move & replace our pool that is more than 70 years old (also making it accessible and ADA compliant), formalize two (2) playing fields and add needed parking (fewer than 150 spaces).

Our Vision is to conserve this beautiful historic campus for healthy, healing, safe and fun activities for the neighborhood, the community and the thousands of children and families we serve. Our commitment is be good stewards of this land and to live out our Mission that will be strengthened by preserving space for children and families.

To learn more about HumanKind and GreenSpace please visit the resources and links below:

Who is HumanKind?

HumanKind is a non‐profit human services organization that has been serving children and families since 1903. We offer programs and services that instill hope and equip people with the tools to build a strong foundation for life.

We rely on donations, grants and local volunteers to serve those in need, and have strong connections to wide‐ranging resources focused on helping individuals become more productive, healthier, and stronger. By helping individuals reach their potential, we are building strong families and communities!

What does HumanKind do?

At its heart, HumanKind is about developing potential and building people up by providing hope and the tools to build a better life. With an emphasis on inclusion, we help individuals and families who face any number of life’s challenges. Our programs cover everything from financial education to mental health counseling, from early childhood resources to services for adults with disabilities. We bring our strength and experience to our work every day because we believe strong individuals and families build stronger communities.

What’s on campus now?

Exploring potential in youth has always been at the core of who we are - carefully working to develop a balance between physical and mental strength.

Need more information?

Please visit a listing of the FAQ’s associated with our GreenSpace. We have always used our land as a platform to achieve this greatness. We look at our property as our best resource to reach more children and share with them what we see…possibilities.

GreenSpace FAQ’s

For more information, please contact:
Ashleigh Karol | Director of Communications