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Becoming a foster parent is both challenging and immensely rewarding. Opening your home to children in need, providing them with the safety and love necessary for their development, not only impacts their lives but also resonates throughout the community for generations to come. Each day, as you commit yourself to this noble purpose, you know that your dedication matters and is actively making a difference.

At HumanKind, we offer not only 24/7 support, but also, continuously brainstorm innovative ways to cater to the needs of our foster parents, empowering them to become more and more of the heroes they already are. We recognize that the quality of care you provide is directly linked to our advocacy, presence, resources, and communication with you. By choosing HumanKind Foster Care, you can rest assured that you’ll always have a dedicated team by your side, helping you turn your dream of truly making a life-changing impact into a reality.

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HumanKind’s Foster Parent Information Guide Booklet

A free guidebook to help you navigate the process of becoming a foster parent. HumanKind has been serving displaced children since 1903 and continues to evolve to meet the needs of children and families in our community today. Learn how we provide around-the-clock support, ongoing training for foster parents, and a network of professionals to assist with daily needs. There is a child or teen right now waiting who needs YOU.

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Foster parents are greatly needed to place children coming into foster care every day. There is a child or teen right now waiting who needs YOU. Learn more today and complete the Foster Parent Interest Form here online.

HumanKind Foster Care: The Ward Family

Irvin and Teesha Ward, opened their hearts and home to 47 foster children, eventually adopting seven of them, demonstrating just how transformative lives can become through endless love and selflessness. Despite the demanding nature of fostering, with constant appointments and social worker visits, the Wards said they have approached their role with compassion and a sense of responsibility. They see fostering not just as a duty but as an opportunity to show love and kindness to those who need it most. Being foster parents is about a profound commitment to providing stability, love, and support to children who have experienced trauma and displacement. 


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Success Stories

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Sheltering Hearts | The Ward's Story
You are the reason these children had a family like Teesha and Irvin Ward ready and waiting to help meet their need for extensive love and care. Because of you these young lives are forever changed. These children got the love, care and support they desperately needed because you cared.
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Connection is Everything | Andrew & Thomas' Story
Because of you, Andrew and Thomas have a trauma therapist to connect with them in thoughtful and unique ways and helping them build a toolkit of therapeutic skills. Your support is the reason lives are transformed, and children get the care they desperately need.
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A place for Love and Healing | Mitchell's Story
His smile is because of you, and the safety you make possible through your support of HumanKind foster care. Because of you, children who have suffered abuse and neglect have a place they can count on to keep them safe and help them heal. Your support is the reason lives are transformed, and children are safe.
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Finding Home | Marc's Story
Because of your generosity, when Marc came into transitional care, HumanKind had a placement that fit him just right. And the real blessing was -- it was an adoptive placement who offered him a sense of permanency for the first time in his life.
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Finding Refuge | Joseph's Story
Months before the world declared a pandemic, Joseph’s life was already in crisis. Because of you this child had a foster family and safe home ready to meet his needs when crisis struck.
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You Brought Her into the Light
And because of you and your generosity, Claire has found a forever home with biological family members in North Carolina, using words to communicate, fully potty-trained and thriving in a specialized school environment. This transformation is only possible because of YOU! Thank you for your love of children left behind like Claire.
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