Ways to Work is designed to help individuals move toward financial stability and advance career opportunities. Our loans are based on the character of the applicant and the affordability of the payment.  In addition to loan assistance, program participants receive supportive services including financial literacy training, life skills coaching, and credit education. Ways to Work is more than a car. It is an opportunity for success.

Ways to Work Eligibility

Ways to Work eligibility is determined by several factors, including the applicant’s ability to repay a loan.

Program Qualifications:
  • Live in the City of Lynchburg or the surrounding counties of Amherst, Bedford, Campbell or Appomattox
  • Be currently employed for at least six months, working a minimum of 30 hours a week
  • Be 18 years of age or older
  • Not preparing to file or currently in bankruptcy
  • Have a valid Virginia Driver’s  License

In order to apply for the Ways to Work program, please complete the intake form by clicking on the link below. If you need assistance, please contact our office at (434) 845-5944 or email.


The Ways to Work loan program helps working individuals with challenging credit histories obtain financing for reliable transportation.

For more information, please contact our Lynchburg office location:
Jerry Padgett | Site Manager, Lynchburg

Success Stories

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Chance to Rebuild | David's Story
Because of you, David had the support he needed to overcome his obstacles and make his second chance in life count, and life is now beyond what he ever imagined. “I learned so much in the Ways to Work program – it’s all led me to where I am today and helped me purchase a home”.
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Persistence puts Dreams within Reach | Keyonna's Story
Because of you, she had someone to walk this journey with her. Helping her to stick to a savings plan, pay off her debt, and build a brighter financial future for her family. Homeownership is within sight – and she has a plan that will get her there. “I don’t feel accomplished every day, but when I have things that I paid off, that’s when I’m like, ‘I was putting in that work.’"
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Second Chances | Tony's Story
Because of you, Tony had the support he needed to make his second chance in life matter. And now he’s using your gift to help others along the way! Thank you for your love of people like Tony – needing a community to walk alongside him to build hope and make lasting change.
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More than Surviving | Donna's Story
She didn’t give up – Donna wants to make life better not just for herself, but lead the way for her children. As the single income provider in her household, she had to keep everyone afloat while staying focused on her journey to financial stability. Even though she ran into hard times, your gifts helped her get through them.
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In Times of Crisis | Sabrina's Story
Sabrina thought the worst part of the coronavirus pandemic happened when the schools closed for the remainder of the school year. She was wrong, weeks later she would also lose her job.
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Finding Grace | Tyrone's Story
Because of you and your support, in the midst of a pandemic Tyrone had the resources he needed to bridge the gap. This grace is only possible because of YOU! Thank you for being a hero for our neighbors in need.
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Because of You
Because of you and your support, the doors at Ways to Work were open to Victoria when she had nowhere else to turn and wanted to make changes to better support her family.
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Mike's Story
I came in with no credit score at all… now, my credit score has gone up so high I can take on a mortgage.
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Craig's Story
It was because of this car loan that I was able to leave my job with an area hotel and begin my own business.
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Tamara's Story
I can say without a doubt that the Ways to Work program has changed my life for the better. It has provided me with the experience leading up to me owning my first vehicle.
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Keisha's Story
I would also like to take the time to thank Ways to Work and HumanKind and for giving me this wonderful opportunity in sustaining self-sufficiency.
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Makes a Difference | Kathy’s Story
Kathy Boyd, a single mother of three, came to the Ways to Work program seeking reliable transportation in order to secure a promotion at work.
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Keon’s Story
Having overcome homelessness with the help of partners and the Ways to Work program, Keon joined the Financial Opportunity Center to further work on building her financial security.
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Shekia’s Story
Shekia Stukes began working with HumanKind’s FOC and Ways to Work programs just a few months ago and she has already made great strides.
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