What is the CCRC?

The Child Care Resource Center offers support and education to both parents and early childhood educators.  We help parents to navigate the child care system and find the best possible care for their child. We provide training, technical assistance and professional development to early childhood educators, to assist them in creating quality learning environments for children of all backgrounds and abilities.

The CCRC resource libraries have materials and equipment available to be borrowed:

  • Children’s books, for ages infant to school-age
  • Resource books for parents on topics ranging from coping with allergies to how to talk about divorce  
  • Resource books for early childhood professionals, offering information on different curricula, art activities, games for active play, creating prop boxes for dramatic play, and much more
  • Comprehensive collection of Julia Cook books, dealing with children’s social and emotional issues
  • Toys, including a train table with trains and tracks, a large dollhouse with furniture and dolls, infant and toddler toys, and puzzles and games for all ages, including games to work on math and language skills

Checking materials out is easy – complete a registration form, CCRC staff will log what is being borrowed, and that’s it!  Materials can be borrowed for a period of three weeks, with a renewal period of one week.

The resource library also offers poster-size (or smaller) laminating and book binding for a small fee.

If you are involved in early learning centers and/or family day homes and are seeking to maximize training opportunities or simply improve the quality of care you provide, CCRC is the perfect resource. Our free resource libraries are open to the public, and our staff has extensive knowledge about early childhood development and all types of child care.



For more information, please contact:
Joan Rowe | Early Head Start Education Manager


Resources and articles supporting early childhood professionals.
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Information on different types of childcare, ratios for childcare, what to look for in a child provider, contact info for referrals (names/numbers of area providers)
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Professional Development
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Q & A with a CDA participant 

Q: How did the CDA program impact you?

A: “I’m much more confident in what I know and I understand the procedures and the protocol and the licencing standards. As far as operation within the center itself when it comes to teaching and the hands on dealing with the children, it has really enlightened my understanding and given me a greater depth of understanding because now its lining up the dots so I see why this is done and why that is done because it gives you the expected results. It was giving me the information and the tools to be able to teach the children in a manner where they can accept it and understand it.”

Q: Why would you recommend someone to take the class?

“CDA is a good program for lead teachers and we’re going to encourage all of our staff to get their CDA because it can help you so much. I’m glad I took the class.” Adolph Brown | spring 2018 CDA participant