Supervised Living is a program serving adults with Developmental Disabilities, and is designed to serve individuals who are highly independent. Rather than providing around-the-clock supervision and support, which would be provided in the Sponsored Home and Group Home settings, our staff go to the home several times per week to check on the individuals. In addition, our staff provide skill-building training and support, and assist with appointments, grocery shopping, and community engagement.

Individuals enrolled in this program live in regular housing, such as an apartment or a townhome in the community. For safety, social support, and cost savings, many of them have a roommate who is also enrolled in the Supervised Living program.

This program is well suited for individuals who are capable of living on their own, but need some support to ensure health, safety, and service needs are met. Individuals enrolled in this program typically have a Medicaid Waiver, or families who are able to pay out of pocket for services. In addition, many of them work part time during the week to supplement their income.

For more information, please contact:
Jim Meador | Director of Adult Services