HumanKind currently operates a group homes in Virginia. The group home setting provides around-the-clock care for up to six individuals with developmental disabilities. While some group homes serve a particular gender, type of disability, or level of functioning, our homes are inclusive, and provide care for adults across this continuum.

HumanKind provides a variety of experiences for our individuals, tailored to their interests and goals. Individuals work, attend Day Support programs, or volunteer throughout the week. We plan yearly vacations for each of our homes and engage in regular community outings.

Our staff receives extensive training in Medication Management, documentation guidelines, CPR/First Aid, de-escalation strategies, and person-centered thinking. Individualized Service Plans (ISP’s) are developed by a support team dedicated to the individual’s personal goals and interests, with a focus on skill development and a high quality of life.

Our home is licensed by the Virginia Department of Behavioral Health and Developmental Services (DBHDS) and we adhere to all Human Rights regulations as well. We are committed to excellence in our service provision and focus on the quality of life for each of our individuals.  The primary funding source for this service is the Medicaid Community Living Waiver, but for those ineligible for the Medicaid waiver, some families choose to pay out of pocket for our services.

HumanKind has one Group Home location. 


For more information please contact us at (434) 384-3131 or email

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Staff Spotlight: Anita Bruce 

Anita Bruce first started working at our Lynchburg Group Home in 2014 as a part time assistant and was later promoted to a Direct Support Professional and now works full time at the home. She has had experience in several medical fields but loves helping those with developmental disabilities.

As a DSP Bruce is responsible for ensuring all residents have everything they need from hygiene care, personal items, taking them shopping and supporting the residents to the best of her ability. Over the past four years Bruce has learned that patience is key and that every one is diferent.

“It’s shown me how to be more patient with people and it gives you the insight that you treat people the way you want to be treated,” Bruce said.

Durring her time working at the home Bruce has been able to build relationships with the residents. According to Bruce, every body is different.

“I love all of them,” Bruce said. “We have a good relationship. I can’t explain it, it’s awesome. You have six diferent personalities you learn to deal with six diferently people diferently. How you talk to one might not be how you talk to the other one. Every body is diferent so you interact with each of them in diferent ways.”

Jim Meador | Director of Adult Services