Mission, Vision & Values


Our Mission

Although the words have changed, the essential mission of HumanKind has remained constant during our 110-year history: to strengthen individuals and families through care, counseling and education.

Our Vision

We envision a compassionate society where the inherent value of every person is recognized, where families are healthy, and communities where everyone can prosper.

Our Values

Our values are service, integrity, teamwork, excellence, developing potential and diversity.

Our commitment to our values is intended for every individual we encounter and this is how we live them out:

    • Service is humble, professional and compassionate
    • Integrity is demonstrated by dignity, ethics and respect
    • Teamwork is seen in positive attitudes, collaboration and shared  responsibility
    • Excellence is measuring quality while striving for continuous improvement
    • Developing Potential is encouraging and fostering growth in effectiveness
    • Diversity is respected, encouraged and celebrated